About me

Hello, my name is Lilly and I can tell you that you are really lucky to visit this page! I tell you that even being at risk of you thinking I am too immodest or arrogant, but I can pay the price. I am just kidding of course.

So, my main hobby and since some time also my main activity and job is consulting in the area of cosmetic products and how to use them properly. For those who do not know what is cosmetics – this is something for you skin, hair and teeth.

This blog is the place where I contact the public and provide various materials, information and advice on the mentioned topic, collections of articles, links and names of various resources, and that is all free, can you imagine! However, I am not a charity person – if you need some individual consultation – then you will be charged – that’s how I finance this immense project on reading through, analyzing and finally selecting the proper materials for my lovely readers.
Thank you guys and ladies for visiting my resource, you know I love you all and this is all for you.